Hello to all the photography fans out there !


Here's just a little summary of the one behind the scenery. My name is Laurent Maack, born in 1966 (Ah ... that was a great year, wasn't it). My experience in video goes back for more than 30 years (starting on my father's Bauer 8mm in 1984). Videos are meanwhile made with up to 4 cameras as AVCHD in High Definition, available on BlueRay or simply as MP4 on Memorystick. I found the way to fotography 8 years ago, starting with a very simple Olympus Z3. With the decision of following one of the three religions (Nikon, Sony & Canon) I decided to take the Nikon-way, here first with a D80. Meanwhile all the picture creations are made using a Nikon D750 and a D600 (mainly as backup). The fotography is an enthousiastic hobby as my 'normal' job doesn't have anything to do with that. I'm married since 1994, I have a son of 15 and a daughter of 10 years. Beside all kind of events it is always a great experience to work with talented models.

As a good result comes out of a good knowledge I follow up regular trainings. During the season 2015/2016 there was a whole set of training sessons for portraits, low-light and landscape. For 2016/2017 it was again about a whole set of sessons, this time for Lightroom Mastering. In parallel there were 8 sessions for specific flash-photography and as an absolute highlight for 2016 I had the honour to follow an amazing training in London with the ultimate legend Joe McNally.


For the whole year 2016 ... big thanks to Elena, Eline, Cynthia, Shana, Catherine, Lara, Jessica, Claudia, Jennifer, Florence, Amelie, Caroline as well as my wife Eliane. Meanwhile I have the honor to work with ELDORADIO for concerts and events as well as with BEAUTY EVENTS LUXEMBOURG for model shootings. Hair and Makeup for these shootings are made at STUDIO CREATION by TC (Steinfort/Useldange). Interesting shootings for 2017 and 2018 hve been done, thanks to Claudia, Paulinah, Jade, Rita, Claire, Tatiana, Joy, Sarah, Filippa and finally Kassandra as she invited me to the fotographic follow-up of her pregnancy. All the shootings are stored under the related menu 'Model Shootings' as well ass 'Family & Friends'. Some of the galleries in the 'Model shootings' are marked 'login only', the related access is granted on request. This takes place escpecially for the beautiful shooting opportunities with Sarah, Aneta, Marketa and Loïs (this time in Belgium). All those who have model shootings in their portfolio will certainly know where the password protection comes from.

A phototrip went 2018 to Vienna, in 2019 to Prag an in 2020 it will be Porto. But before this trip it will go mid of march to London and Birmingham and if the weather is good we'll have nive views of Norway in Summer. 



9 Februar 2020

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